Wheels 'n' Squeels BBQ Challenge

This is the sixth year for the the Wheels 'n' Squeels BBQ Challenge hosted in Olathe, Kansas on August 1st-2nd and is also the sixth year the KC Smoke Dawgs will be competing in the popular BBQ competition. While this BBQ challenge is quite new as a KCBS sanctioned event, it no doubt packs in it's share of top rated BBQ competition teams. Growing in popularity since last year, the 2014 Wheels 'n' Squeels will include over 60 teams.

The KC Smoke Dawgs are very exciting to once again take on KCBS's top teams at the Wheels 'n' Squeels BBQ Challenge. Last year we managed to walk away with a 12th place overall placement out of 60 teams. While the August temps can be rather demanding, this was and still is a great event. As mentioned above many of BBQ's big names come to this event making the competition very tough. Aside from the BBQ competition, everyone can enjoy the many exotic and classic vehicles of the car show as well as static helicopter air displays put on by the Army Reserve as well as many other attractions. Be sure to check out more at the Wheels 'n' Squeels BBQ Challenge website.


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